Sunday 27 May 2007

blog meet::part II

okay, as promised here's a bit about the wonderful people i met and the goodies i scored:

blog meet gift from nichola
lovely key ring from nichola, one of the blog meet organizers. i've been following nichola's blog for over a year now so it was really great, if not a little but intimidating, to meet her in person. she did a fabulous job of hosting and was as lovely as i expected.

blog meet gift from justine
little sewn needlebook and postcards from the second blog meet organizer, justine, who sadly couldn't make it on the night. i'm glad she sent her gifts along with nichola though 'cause i'm lovin' my new needlebook! hopefully we'll get a chance to catch up in the future.

blog meet gift from dana
check out this amazing hot water bottle cover from dana! i live about 2 minutes away from dana but we hadn't had a chance to get together yet so it was great to drive to the blog meet together and chat before the fabric buying mayhem. this hot water bottle cover is beautiful, soft flannelette and gorgeous fabric - i love it!

blog meet gift from jo
blog meet gift from jo
felted journal cover (complete with journal!) from the very lovely jo - it's soft, thick, gorgeous and beautifully made - the blanket stitching in the inside is perfect! i didn't know about jo's blog until i got the list of who would be at the blog meet and as i started reading, i just somehow knew that we would be friends. i love the honesty and style of her writing and she reminds me HEAPS of one of my favourite people in vancouver (they even look a bit alike!).

blog meet gift from susannah
blog meet gift from susannah
susannah presented each of us with one of these truly stunning journals that she made out of all softs of collected papers, envelopes, tags, etc. her talent as a graphic designer and collector of vintage ephemera and photographs really shines through. this journal is going to be put to good use - if i can just bring myself to use it!

blog meet gift from kirsten
goccoed cards from kirsten - can you believe this is her first gocco attempt? i love these cards, the imagery, colours and style are all right up my alley. kirsten is an architect by trade and has an amazing eye. i'm so glad i found her blog through this blog meet as it's one of my new faves. i might have to hunt her down for coffee though as she was on the other side of the table so we didn't really get a chance to chat much.

whew, i may have to finish with the other 6 tomorrow as i'm pretty beat (yep, it's nine o'clock). thank you one more time to all the ladies mentioned above - i'm digging my gifts and am so glad i had the chance to meet you (and justine, i hope to meet you soon!).


  1. Anonymous11:37 pm

    It was wonderful to finally meet you in person Leslie! I wish there had been more time to chat with you :-) Thanks so much for the mittens - they are actually the first pair of mittens I have ever owned! And I love the card - I will be keeping it for myself :-)

  2. Nice treats, Leslie!!! That blog meet sounds like it was a lot of fun, and a great way to connect in person with your electronic peers! I love the mittens you brought as your gift - they look so cozy and comfy and nice. I have been meaning to tell you that a friend of mine here in Toronto went to a card-making course and the instructor showed some of your work from Etsy as an example of excellent card-making!!! How crazy is that?!?!?!? You're famous, my dear! Can't wait to see the next post!
    Luv Sarah

  3. Anonymous5:28 am

    Oooooo such lovely goodies you cam home with. What fun that must have been!!!

  4. Wow - sounds like a lot of fun, and you really scored!

  5. Anonymous4:42 pm

    wow! I have blogmeet envy. The goodies are great, and the people sound just delightful. It's funny how sometimes the internet makes you feel like everyone is so close together, and then hearing about something like this you remember just how far away people really are!
    I can't wait to see the other six!
    Wishing you a lovely day, all the way from new zealand x


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