Saturday 26 May 2007

blog meet::part I

i was lucky enough to meet up with 11 amazing local bloggers last night at the most incredible little fabric shop. it was really and truly wonderful and i had the best time (aside from the fact that i left my lights on for the millionth time and stranded dana and i in bentleigh until poor shane could drive the 35 minutes over to rescue us. at least i had good company!). organized by nichola and justine (who sadly couldn't make it last night), the blog meet theme was "winter wonderland" and we each had to make 12 gifts on that theme to exchange. everyone's creations were fantastic, varied and a true show of talent. i took pics of all my goodies today but the light was crap (actually, it was a lovely, sunny day but i took my pics in the shade so, really, it's my fault not the "light"s) so i need to try a few again tomorrow. i just don't feel right if i can't capture how beautiful each gift really is. in the meantime, i'll take this chance to show what i made for the meet:

my blog meet contribution

soft and fuzzy mittens made from lambswool and angora sweaters that i've been collecting from thrift shops for the past few weeks. may everone who got a pair enjoy toasty warm fingers on chilly winter mornings! there are more mitten photos on my flickr site for anyone who is interested. tomorrow i'll show my loot and tell a little bit about each of the fabulous ladies involved.


  1. Thankyou for coming. It was great to finally meet you after reading your blog and admiring you work for so long. I LOVE my mittens, i want it to be colder so i can wear them!

  2. Oh what fun!! those mitties are sooo soft looking!!
    How cold does it get there?

  3. Sounds like fun! Those mittens are lovely looking:)

  4. Anonymous9:59 am

    So lovely to meet you Leslie, and thanks so much for the beautiful Mittens and card.

    Fun night wasn'wwt it!

  5. thanks for your beautiful gift :)
    they will be put to good use!!
    sorry I did not get to meet you :(

  6. Anonymous1:31 pm

    I'm smitten with my mittens! Thanks for the lift, next time you should stash a bottle of vino in your glove box just in case of emergencies!x

  7. Anonymous1:33 pm

    I mean mitten box, not glove box! hee hee

  8. Anonymous2:58 pm

    Leslie it was so nice to finally meet you, you are just as lovely in person as I expected (although obviously you didn't look like I expected *shrug*)

    I love love love my mittens, the colour is beautiful, now I just need some cold weather to show them off.

    Let's catch up again soon. (I just need to calibrate me diary and I'll let you know.)


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