Tuesday 24 April 2007

a few of my favourite things...

a few of my favourite things...
1. quilt
2. doll quilt swap - #1 and #2 on ironing board
3. WIP quilt on couch 1
4. WAWAYA20070420
5. Delphinium 2
6. Crochet Silk Wrap - in progress
7. my paper crane
8. happy easter
9. duckie for georgia
10. Shadow Box Close-up
11. squares for doll quilt
12. Thrift Shop Finds
13. Untitled
14. dog
15. falling for spring
16. Mr. Small Pants
17. Pod
18. Smokey the Bear sheet
19. vintage fabric - snow white
20. snail life
21. Rene Lalique...
22. sew as you go - DONE!
23. Morning Birds
24. Gold Leaf
25. Untitled

because i'm too lazy to take pretty pictures myself these days, here are a sample of some of my favourite pics from flickr. as you can see from the top three, i've got quilts on my mind lately. it's killing me that most of my fabric is packed away (i did keep a box of my tweed and wool fabrics handy for any winter sewing that i may need to do in the next few months) because i'm really feeling the urge to start cutting out squares for a simple, full sized quilt - bright blocks of colour with white. someday. someday soon... instead my creative energy has been directed towards the garden for the past few weeks - deciding which branches and which whole trees need to go (don't worry, it's a huge, dead tree), pruning my rose bushes, pulling weed after weed. the day after we moved in, i planted some gorgeous cream sweet pea seeds in this fabulous sixties planter that was left in our backyard and they're just starting to break the soil now. i can't wait until they start to climb, i'll post photos when they look especially lovely. i've also been knitting but, as i am possibly the worst knitter in the world, have nothing to show after pulling apart my lovely cream alpaca Purl Beret for the THIRD TIME after i noticed a dropped stitch, like 10 rows down from where i was diligently knitting. damnit. and yet, i think i'm going to give it a fourth go as i need something to keep my little hands busy in the evening.


  1. it's all beautiful!

  2. very nice!
    you're on my blog finally!
    don't know if you knew or not...

  3. Anonymous11:10 am

    I love when someone does the trawling for me - such great inspiration on flickr, but I can't even keep up to date with my bloglines. Always torn between doing more crafting, more reading, more photos etc. etc. Then I catch up on posts like yours and get tired and wonder how you manage to do it all. thanks for the inspiration.

  4. your mosaic is purty and inspired me to do one myself. it's too too too much fun!

  5. looks like a big quilt of favorite things!

    portland maine

  6. Some new discoveries! Thanks


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