Thursday 1 March 2007

i wake up exhausted...

i don't mean to sound all melodramatic, sorry about that, just a line from a tegan & sara song that i've had stuck in my head since realizing i was feeling pretty unrefreshed driving to work this morning. remind me in the future that it's not a great idea to get a permanent visa application together (about 200 bits of paper from the last 2 years...), plan a 10 day vacation with your mom and husband that doesn't require the dog to be in a kennel* for any more days than are necessary (currently 5 at this time of planning, which still breaks my heart just a little. poor sooky bax, he won't know what to do with all those other dogs barking and creating a ruckus...), and maintain normal life/blog/hobby practices all while putting together a huge project at work ALL IN A TWO WEEK PERIOD. next wednesday my life gets oh so much easier (for a few weeks anyway) - the work job gets sent to the printer, my visa application gets put in the mail and i pick my mom up from the airport.

in the meantime, i've had some amazing mail pop into my lap this week that has the 50 million things on my mind depart momentary and brought repeated huge grins to my face. first on monday, my Apak cards arrived and are amazing - how these guys can do incredible, three and four colour gocco prints and sell them for $4, i'll never know:

etsy purchase mail

then yesterday both my fantastic moo cards arrived (highly recommended, by the way)

lovin' my moo cards

AND i had the bestest package of all - a jam packed bag of vintage fabric from the ever so wonderful shannon of aunty cookie fame:

vintage fabric from aunty cookie

vintage fabric from aunty cookie

vintage fabric from aunty cookie

so many amazing oobees coming up and this one, THIS ONE,

vintage fabric from aunty cookie

i am hoarding for myself and making cushions to sit prettily on my future danish sofa bed in my future wonderful, organized, tidy and endlessly inspiring craft room. thank you sooooooooo much, shannon, this is above and beyond sweetness and really made my whole week so much better.

*just a little note in baxy's defense: he only has to go into a kennel this time because my great pal and dog sitter, emily, is going to be away in canada at the same time we're traveling around victoria - not because he wore out his welcome last time : )


  1. Oh, i know that feeling well....exhausted!
    what lovely fabrics!
    and i love my moo cards too, the one of baxie is sweet!
    poor lil' bax... in a kennel...wish i could dogsit for ya!

  2. Oooh, great stuff! Looks like your mailbox has been getting a work out. Love the fabrics. :)

  3. Anonymous6:44 pm

    what a wonderful post- so much goodness... those fabrics are to die for and I need to get some of those moo cards too by the look of it. Hope you're feeling better and more relaxed soon!

  4. Anonymous5:13 pm

    love these swatches. thank you for sharing.

  5. Anonymous11:31 am

    I love the fabric swatches. Thanks for sharing and the squirrel card is sooo cute. I want to get one too. :*)

  6. Anonymous7:54 am

    you know I have 2 kids and a dachsie and when I have had to put Kransky (that's the dog not one of the kids) into a kennel it gives me that same sad, guilty feeling of taking the kids to kindy/daycare for the first time. No it is worse, because I actually enjoy some kid free time when I'm over that initial feeling, and I miss his little body curled up at my feet. He doesn't throw tantrums over which colour bowl he is using! Be strong!

  7. Look at all that mailbox!

  8. Anonymous2:30 pm

    what are moo cards?

  9. kate, moo cards are the most fabulous wee matte finish business-card-like cards with your photos on one side and your text on the back. check out their website here:

    i'm going to be popping mine into packages left right and center. and maybe hoarding a few for my very own self :)

  10. Yay for moo cards! They look great :D


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