Friday 23 February 2007

taking the leap...



i've just listed a small selection of prints in my esty shop and it's scary stuff for me, i tell ya! i love them all so much, what if no one buys any...? putting yourself out there is hard. just plain hard and gut twistingly scary. the two pics above are duotones i made up especially for this printing. duotones and i have a long, long history - i've used them in my design work since school. these two turned out wonderfully, a lovely muted chocolate with a hint of olive on pale blue and pink backgrounds. mmmmmm.

thank you all for your feedback on print selection, in the end i chose a bit of a range to see what people respond to and i'm offering each as a limited edition of 20 each so i can (hopefully) have a constant rotation of new prints happening. it was so hard to choose and i have so many others i'd love to see all printed up, this seemed like a good way to get some different shots out there. the printing looks amazing by the way, lovely saturated, rich colour on a super heavyweight (300 gsm) cotton rag paper - just lovely to look at and feel. i have a few more to add over the next few days but check out what i've printed up in my esty shop!


  1. Anonymous10:31 pm

    hey lady,

    love, love, love the prints, they came up so well! Looking foward to seeing you next week! Sands website looks great too, so clever you are!

    See you soon!

    Love lou

  2. Anonymous1:08 am

    these are really, really lovely!

  3. ooh nice leslie!
    I esp. love the pink one!

  4. Both of the prints are beautiful! I bet they look even better in real life.

  5. Anonymous11:39 am

    I love the duotones. I think selling them as limited editions is the way to go.

  6. Anonymous11:22 am

    the prints are lovely. everything in your shop is really sweet. great work.

  7. Anonymous3:27 am

    You cards with the duotones are beautiful. I wrote something about you on Bloesem. I hope that is ok?

  8. these are lovely and bound to be a big hit on etsy



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