Tuesday 20 February 2007

stop and...

smelling the roses

i've fallen behind in my blogging again lately, too swept up in every day (very hectic, at the moment) life. i really want to find a balance, to find time to write here and take more photos but for the next few months, i fear that this little blog is going revert back to a once a week affair. it starts to weigh on me when i haven't posted for awhile and this too, i have to change. i need to just write when i feel like it, when i have something to share, something to show and not let it feel like an obligation. sometimes though, especially lately, i feel like i'm just repeating myself - tired, so busy, long list of things to do, so many things i want to do... so i'll post when i can, about what i can, maybe about some more random stuff. when we move into our new house in mid-april, i'll be taking stock of our renos and decorating (and crazy hard work) over at lesterbee, my personal blog, which has also been sadly neglected.

i have been up to a bit lately but again, just need to repeat myself and express my crazy disappointment with the bloody resin pendants. i've spent so many hours on them, so many coats of resin and filing and trying to cook them in the oven to harden them (this sort of works too but only with the shell ones, it changes the colours of the organic bits). i made the decision last night to spend this week putting in a last ditch effort to get the surfaces how i want them (this involved making tons of tiny s hooks out of wire last night, rigging up a sort of clothesline across a plastic tub, painting a smooth layer across both sides of each pendant and handing them to dry - only about 50 more to go!) and then i'm sealing them away until christmas in the hopes that by then they will be the hardness they should be. what a pain in the ass these things have been. i also vowed to shane that i will never, never make them again. he's been witness to all my resin disasters over the past few years and we've spent hours scheming reasons why they never set properly and things we could do differently to make them work. and they just don't. or at least not as quickly as i'd like. so that's that. expect (hopefully) a huge resin pendant sale in late november and never again! whew, it's sort of a relief. these pendants, as lovely as they are, have been causing me a lot of grief and worry.

thanks so much for all your feedback and lovely comments on my photos! i've been keeping a tally and narrowed it down to 8 that i want to print for a start. just need to set them up for printing and get that started, probably next week. i can't wait to see them on the torchon (cotton, watercolour-like paper)!

and i'm changing "monday blog treat" to "random blog treat". i'm none too good with obligation and i found myself not wanting to post at all yesterday because i didn't feel like going through my bloglines and picking a blog (or three) to write about. i still want to feature blogs and still want to do it about once a week but just can't commit to the monday deadline. ah, so many weights off my shoulders!


  1. You can be sure that I'd look out for that sale! Those pendants are gorgeous.
    Though, I do support your decision. The original purpose of crafting is to be creative and to have fun/relax, so if they are giving you such a hard time and cause you grief and worry...then away with them!

  2. Anonymous12:18 am

    oh sweets I HEAR you! I set some when the day was too hot (41')and they didn't set... now I have "setting anxiety", I have a full tray of beautiful images and figures and I can't bring myself to pour resin over them.. arggggg. Don't give up, do some experiments, check that your unmixed resin hasn't been exposed to too much heat or air? best of luck.

  3. send those pendants to my freezing house, they'll set in no time! lol!
    oh, i know the frustration of a complicated craft - they are beautiful though...and such a nice way for displaying your wee collection of nature.


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