Thursday 25 January 2007


WIP valentine's oobee

there are only two lonely little oobees left in my shop at the moment and, of course, rather than working on the few i already have cut out, i've been scheming a limited edition run of special valentine's oobees - all wearing their hearts on their sleeves. i'm so in love with the four i have on the go and they're not even half done yet, something about the deep red accent is really workin' for me. since shane has a little freelance carpentry job to do tomorrow, i plan to spend most of australia day finishing these four up whilst taking in the triple j hottest 100, which sounds like a pretty great afternoon to me.

i also need to photograph some more resin pendants and get them in the shop. they've been a lot more work than i bargained for, with only about 20 out of over 80 that i cast actually working out. most of it was my own fault/learning curve: many, many of them i overpoured and so the shapes aren't right, then i pulled them out of the mold too early resulting in quite a few imperfections (i mean, they're handmade and have a few imperfections anyway, but these were a bit beyond what i'd be happy to sell). over last weekend i did some experiments such as spraying a few with a clear, thick, triple coat or dipping them in a new coat of resin, with some turning out perfect and others not so much. i also cast a whole new set which i'm leaving in the mold for a few weeks to see if this results in more usable pieces. it sucks because even the ones than didn't quite work out look really fascinating... i might have to do another run of cards with them as the feature or maybe have a clearance sale and sell them for just a few bucks each? don't know...


  1. Your little oobees are great! They have the sweetest little faces. :)

    Sounds like the pendants are tricky little things to make. I hope the trial and error works itself out soon. I guess that's the thing with making something so original - you kinda have to work it out for yourself!

  2. GB found Triple J on the web so he could listen to part of the Hottest 100, too, from all the way over here. He really misses Triple J.

    Happy Australia Day!

  3. those oobees with hearts are a great idea leslie!
    ooh, and happy australia day!!

  4. Anonymous5:52 pm

    The oobees are super cute, Les! And I love the pendants! As you know I love all things miniature so the pendants totally appeal to me. I hope your new techniques works out.

    Happy Australia Day!


  5. Anonymous9:41 am

    hope you are having a successful weekend with your craft making. love those pendants.


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