Sunday 28 January 2007

plate = full

now, whilst i recognize that at some point soon i'm going to have to stop whinging about how busy i am lest i find myself with nary a visitor to this here blog (watched a little pride and prejudice the other day, sorry.), today is not that day. there are so many things i just want instantly DONE but of course, i really just need to do them. here's the list i made for myself this morning:

1. post about valentine's oobees. (check. here are in all their cuteness: oobee mosaic
each with a little red felt heart stitched to their sleeve. i'm not a "love heart" kind of girl most of the time, but the little red accent really makes me smile.)

2. update my sidebar by adding links to the tutorials i've posted and adding in many great blogs to my reading list (i'm thinking this is a "at work while i'm waiting for super large images to load" task.)

3. go to Officeworks to buy a new printer for printing off oobee tags, after spending most of the weekend trying to get mine to print through it's blocked up ink valves from sitting unused for many months. (note to you all out there: heed my costly mistake and run a few pages off your inkjet every few weeks!)

4. design tags for the valentine's oobees.

5. sew button closures on the 5 bags i have otherwise ready to sell.

6. try to find decent light to take photos of the bags and about 10 pendants so i can add them to the shop.

7. email my pals sarah and tony to congratulate tonez on his new etsy shop. lots of great original art to be had and might i suggest a lovely valentine's gift for a art and/or sci fi loving chap?

8. finish writing my interview for craft synergy and email it back to patricia with some images. (yay! i'm so excited to be asked to do this, i'll let you know when it will be up, probably in the next few weeks if i ever get off my butt and finish the few questions i have left. they have some amazing interviews going on at the moment - most inspirational.)

9. work on my buddy sandy's website. (this has been on my list for, oh, almost two months now so i really need to get crackin' on this one.)

10. get two swap and one present package together and ready to take to the post office tomorrow (more on these once they've arrived at their destinations.)


next post will not be about how busy i am. i promise.


  1. phew! you are busy, and i have a long listing too but lately all i want to do is veg on the sofa watching movies....i wish i could get my act together like you!!

  2. You are sweet! Don't worry - just e-mail us whenever you get a chance!
    luv Sarah and Tony

  3. I got one of the Valentine's oobees and I love it so much, it will be much loved I promise!

    Cheers, DHG.


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