Saturday 20 January 2007


sewing box

so i made the hike to Greensborough this morning to pick up the sewing box i won on ebay. i felt a bit sad for the woman who came to the door, i think she is selling off her elderly (maybe deceased?) mother's things. i tried to be extra perky and she was lovely, telling me to enjoy the box and that she didn't really know what was inside it or if it would be any use to me. i cheerfully replied "that's part of the fun, i can't wait to see what's in there!" and made my way home. little did i expect that when i did get a chance to open each drawer i would find amazing vintage treasure after delightful vintage treat. two drawers were stuffed full of bias binding, all carded or unopened and in heaps of colours:

bias binding bounty

one drawer held over 10 packs of ric rac with the most fabulous packaging:

ric rac bounty

the other drawers held an array of fabric scraps (nothing exciting there) and various sewing tools and the last drawer contained these, my favourite of all:

beautiful vintage pin tins

vintage dressmaker pin tins, two of them, nearly perfect. so lovely! well, well worth the 40 minute drive plus i made it extra worth my while by stopping at the Savers up there where i found woolen things i love and don't need:

wool yarn & blanket

5 large skeins of this great, red, wool yarn at 99¢ each and a beautiful, pale grey/blue, lambswool blanket for $4.99. couldn't resist, especially after i saw the colours together - beautiful.


  1. Such treasures!

    GB & I miss Victoria op shops & treasure hunting. He found so many great things -- and I miss the Savers I used to prowl through regularly, too.

    That sewing box is truly beautiful, and the story of you going to fetch it is very touching. Enjoy it!

  2. Anonymous2:41 am

    Wow, what a lovely treat. I love that little blue and red tin!

  3. oh! that box is beautiful, and what fun to find all that inside.

  4. great score on the box! and what lovely treasures inside! I'm sure you'll make it something nice.
    ditto on the pin tins.

  5. Oh my goodness!! What a treasure! I mean, the sewing box itself is neat (love that it expands!), but all those treasures! Yum!! :D

    Great finds--don't you just love the feeling of stumbling upon such lovelies?

  6. Anonymous4:58 pm

    Man that is so worth the drive to greensborough!!

  7. Wow! What a treasure you have - and all the little ones inside! Enjoy!

  8. just stopping by saying a sweet hello!
    Love your pics and your plushies *~*
    -Marjorie Ann

  9. Wonderful finds!!!

  10. Those tins are AMAZING. Such a great find. :)

  11. Love the tins and the rick rack packaging...great finds!

  12. Ooh that was a find. I love looking on ebay for sewing things, but that wins the gold medal.

    Great to see another Melbourne Etsyian in the blog world!

  13. Anonymous3:59 pm

    Oh my goodness! I have the exact same sewing box! I found mine at an antique store that was closing out. I don't know anything about mine, do you know how old it is?
    P.S. I'm from Canada.

  14. Anonymous10:15 pm

    i bet the previous owner is looking down on you and is thrilled that all her saved up bits went to someone who cares! well done. Hey I work in resin to, swing by sometime. Found you via the pendant you sent to Nikki shell

  15. I can you give you fabric and you can make beautiful works of art. I wish I could do that.


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