Monday 1 January 2007

happy 2007

one of my resolutions for 2007 is to become a bigger part of the blogging community, invest more in my blogs to hopefully entice more readers to become invested themselves. i spend sooooooo much time reading blogs, lurking, really, as i'm not a huge comment leaver (one more thing to i hope to change) and i appreciate the time, effort, and creativity that is represented by each one. i've also discovered so many new (to me) blogs lately, my bloglines have swelled to over 175, and i want to give shout outs to all these amazing women whose lives inspire me daily. so for every monday of 2007, i'll be spotlighting one of the blogs i enjoy. some of these blogs will be extremely well known in the blog world while others many come as a welcome new treat. may i introduce the first of the "monday blog treats"...

melbourne illustrator, claire robertson's, has to be the first on this list as hers was the first blog i started reading regularly. through claire i discovered so many other amazing, creative worlds, she's really to blame for the hours upon hours a week i *waste* online. besides her unbelievably charming illustrations, claire can whip up some pretty incredible dolls and soft toys and is also the founder of "month of softies" - a monthly challenge to create a plush character based on changing themes. beautiful and inspiring images plus entertaining tidbits about a creative life in melbourne with two small girls and a computer whiz husband, loobylu still keeps me enthralled after more than two years.


  1. Love this idea of spotlighting a blog a week! I'm looking forward to seeing your selections throughout this year! :)

    I've really enjoyed reading your blog--keep it up! :) Happy New Year too!

  2. I just found your blog via etsy, good luck selling your lovely wares. I also recently started a blog here to join the online community of crafty women. There are so many inspirational blogs to read each day. Now I can add yours to my list.
    Happy new year.



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