Thursday 28 December 2006

drowning in inspiration

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ah, too much time to plan, design, scheme, read the new japanese craft books i picked out while in sydney - my christmas vacation finds me overwhelming myself with the amount of things i want to create! add to this the fact that i spent a good 4 hours today working through the mess that is my craft room and have come to realize that eventually i really am going to have to start selling some of the stuff i make. i have a sizable stock pile of oobees and bags that i made in preparation to sell at markets this summer and then pulled the pin on the market in the gardens at the last minute due to being too busy at work and with house hunting. this pile of stuff needs to go! it's weighing on my mind and taking up valuable space and making me feel that i shouldn't make anything else while it's all sitting there. i plan on listing a bunch of goodies on etsy over the next few days that hopefully, though the magic of the internet, will go to happy homes.


  1. I know exactly how you feel-my craft room looks like the aftermath of tornado season. I think I better get that organized today but feeling sooo lazy. I got alot of great books too and feel overwhelmingly inspired.

  2. Anonymous8:46 pm

    oooooh Im jealous - must have that magazine. We have been chatting about a much needed visit to Sydney to buy some Japanese mags! Love the blog - will be back!

  3. I just visited your Etsy shop and everything looks great. Hey, we're born on the same day! What year are you?

  4. Thanks for sharing your love of big things.

    I like your blog, and your dog is gorgeous!

    Happy New Year!

  5. Anonymous5:12 pm

    good luck with it all...those mags are very addictive!


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