Monday 29 January 2007

bloggers whose goods i covet

::sorry for the one-day-late monday blog treat - i thought i'd posted this yesterday but must have hit "save as draft" instead::

brisbane ceramic artist mel robson makes the most fabulous little porcelain vessels and wall art. i first saw her work at craft victoria's counter and immediately began a huge crush on her work... stumbling across her blog a few weeks ago, i'm now taunted regularly with her stunning images of new pieces. (even her broken pieces look great to me.)

hop skip jump
fiona's soft toys and dolls are beyond compare. the attention to detail and pure character that shines through each one just about kills me. someday. one will be mine.

ashley g
i've been hanging out for an ashley g original for some time now, her muted toned paintings and drawings are right up my alley. just waiting for the perfect one to appear in her esty shop, where she also has extremely reasonably priced, gorgeous prints.


  1. Ooh leslie, i received the pendant in the mail tody! It's just lovely! thank you, thank you!!
    the flower is so nice! now, when people inquire about it, i can say it's a flower from my friend in Australia!

  2. oh, and i love your postcard! wonderful blurb!


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