Wednesday 1 November 2006

to dos

i've taken friday and monday off and with tuesday being a public holiday (melbourne cup = horse racing = day off work??? bring it on!), it all works out to a lovely 5 day weekend for moi. reading over lara's list of to dos inspired me to make up my own little list of how i can fill in aaaaalllllll these wonderful days off. here's my plan:

• snooze in with baxter until i'm good and ready to get up
• visit one of the big camera shops downtown to buy some sensor cleaner
• finish sewing shirt that is cut out and attempt a new pattern
• take a bunch of photos for istock
• photograph the three pillow covers i finished up last weekend (the two patchwork and another one)
• make one more pillow cover
• hit a few op shops, either on friday or monday morning
• dutifully drive around and look at a few houses on saturday morning, ones we had not bothered with but will consider now that we're defeated by the search
• spend a day fishing off a pier somewhere with shane if the weather permits
• rent a bunch of dvds to entertain me whilst crafting
• go for birthday dinner with friends on friday or saturday night

1 comment:

  1. Unfair! Your list is so much funner than mine! Although you deserve it, poor house hunters.

    Have fun!


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