Tuesday 31 October 2006

for the love of secondhand

a few weeks ago, jenny of the fabulous blog tag sale tales put out a call for contributors and i was quick to put my hand up. i don't write too much about my love of thrift shopping here or on lesterbee 'cause i just can't always find a way to make it relevant but i'm an addict and usually visit about three a week, picking up fabric, knitting and other craft goodies plus ceramics, housewares, patterns, oh, all sorts of things, really. i'm excited to have yet another blog to write in that's dedicated to sharing the treasures i unearth and to discover what other secondhand seekers are finding around the world. last night i wrote a wee blurb about one of my favourite finds yet - here's a sneak peek so go on over and check it out!

vintage sewing box


  1. Anonymous9:58 pm

    That is some box!

  2. Hey Les,
    I tried the side panel link for Tag Sale, and it didn't work ... darn!
    Happy Halloween!

  3. whew, thanks sister, i've fixed it now! happy halloween to you to (except it's november 1st here now, oh well)


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