Thursday 9 November 2006

mittens for kitten (or kat)

i'm feeling a bit badly about not posting all week, especially due to the fact that thanks to links from whip up and tania of chocolate a chuva, i've had quite an increase of visitors here. unfortunately i've been immersed in web design this past week and haven't been up to much craft-wise but last wednesday i did throw together a quick little present for a work pal who is heading over to our canadian office for a year.

mittens for kat

along with a cd of canadian tunes (various wainwrights, great lake swimmers, hayden, sarah harmer, tegan and sara, young & sexy, and stars, among others) i made her these cozy, grey, wool mittens to see her through the torontonian winter. the thick, ribbed grey knit came within a huge bag of the grey wool yarn that i found at an op shop last fall, someone's knitting project that ran out of steam. i kept the knitted pieces, thinking they would be handy for something one day, maybe an oobee. when i found out kat was heading over (at very short notice) i quickly schemed up a plan to use them to make mittens. basically i traced a wide outline of my hand onto newspaper, used that as a guide for cutting the pieces and then used an overlock stitch to sew them together. once i steam/iron blocked them, i was pretty happy with the shape - held sideways they look like little grey whales!


  1. Anonymous6:54 am

    Wow lester..those are perfect! I've been trying to branch out into mitts for this christmas season.
    p.s. Tony's site is fantastic!

  2. Great mittens! I love how you made them. They do look a bit like very cute whales.

  3. Anonymous4:13 pm

    Woot! Clever girl.

    And I mean that in a delighted, non-patronising kind of way.

  4. You just gave me a great idea to make mitts from old sweaters that are too small, or finding old soft sweaters atThe Good Will to make gifts for Christmas.

  5. Hey I love those little grey whales- you probably need them more than she does at the moment though!


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