Thursday 16 November 2006

carpal tunnel setting in

between work (which is CRAZY at the moment and looks to be that way for at least a few more weeks) and working on my pal, tony's, website in the evenings i'm feeling a bit computered-out and also a bit bad because i owe heaps of people emails and haven't posted much on ANY of my blogs. it's fun work, at least, which helps quite a bit - building a site in flash again after so many years has made me brush up on almost forgotten skills and learn a pile of new ones. makes me feel oh-so smaht when i discover a new bit of code and actually make it work. the tonester's website is almost done, i'll be posting the big reveal over the weekend once it's all finished but, in the meantime, here are a few previews of his fabulous art:

constant sadness


the isolation of workgroup 17


  1. Hey Lester B,
    I hear you with the computer overkill, as I spend waaaayyyyy too much time looking at my little laptop screen. So far the website is abslutely fantastic, and Tony and I have many, many second-hand compliments to pass on to you. You are the Flash Master!!! Can't wait for the big reveal this week-end - it's something to look forward to in the sea of studying!
    Talk soon,

  2. I really like the first painting, the colors just pop against the white background. Very nice work!

  3. Just discovered your blog via delightful blogs and I really enjoyed. Will be back to visit. k

  4. Anonymous8:04 pm

    what version of Flash did you learn and what are you working on now?

  5. Second hand compliment your friend back that his pictures are liked v much.


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