Wednesday 27 September 2006

wheatbag for shano

ouch wheatbag1

i spent sunday afternoon sewing up a few long-put-off projects, one of which was a wheatbag for shane's poor knee(s). walking around on concrete floors in workboots has put a bit of a strain on his ol' ligaments and he made a special request for a wheatbag that said "ouch" on it in red (he's just getting more and more creative, this boy - wait until i get some decent light in the apartment to take some snaps of the absolutely BEAUTIFUL wooden shoe stand that he recently completed, with no design help from me whatsoever). he wanted the letters cut out of felt and individually sewn on but that seemed like just a bit too much work for me so i opted for some ink-jet printing instead. i made a simple calico cotton inner bag, filled with flaxseed (couldn't find wheat and it was cheap at Safeway) and then chose a super soft corduroy that i've had for years for the outer bag. cute little vintage buttons that i picked up in vancouver finished it off (sidenote: i'm REALLY loving the buttonhole feature on my sewing machine lately!! it's so easy it's almost silly). anyway, shano is really happy with it ("wow, it's a bit more flash than i was expecting" was his reaction sunday night) although upon thinking about it, he should probably use a cold pack on his inflamed knees instead of heat... i guess it will work in the freezer just as well.

ouch wheatbag2

ouch wheatbag3


  1. This is such a great idea, because not only will it feel soothing, its pleasing appearance will help take one's mind off their aches and pains. Once again, a superb job, Leslie!! (Not that I'd expect anything less!)

  2. Anonymous9:02 pm

    that is very clever. My friend has been having lots of neck pain and headaches, that might be a nice idea for her. Does the fabric printing work with laser printers too? Thanks for your ink jet blog.

  3. Anonymous11:11 pm

    just beautiful, leslie. specially love the ouch bag.


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