Monday 4 September 2006

nikon goodness

i had such a great time playing with my new camera over the weekend. i discovered that i can use the lens from my very first, completely manual nikon with the d70s, albeit without any auto features. this meant re-teaching myself how to adjust the shutter speed and aperture myself and i'd forgotten how much more satisfying it is to take pictures manually. you really feel like you've earned the results rather than just let the camera do all the work, although i'm sure i'll still use my auto lens and features, depending on the situation. i also found the magnification filters that my dad had bought me years ago for this lens so had a bit of play with them. they don't quite make up for the loss of my wee raynox macro lens (which i recently found out i could've used on my new camera with an adapter - damnit) but still produced some good results. here's a few from saturday (i forgot to bring my laptop to bendigo so no snap-shot-city for me, lou did the whole thing with her lovely fella, sandy, and said it was great fun!):

the above two were taken with Hoya 4x magnification filter on.

shane's parents' place is full of amazing textures and neat old stuff.


  1. such beautiful colours, shapes and textures! like these lots!

  2. Leslie, these are lovely shots! Imagine the endless posibilities with this new piece of excellent equipment. Can't wait to see what else you do with it!
    luv Sarah


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