Wednesday 6 September 2006

grey and rainy

it's a classic vancouver type day here in melbourne - dark grey and constant rain. makes me want to curl up with cozy blankets on the couch and idle away the hours on the internet. instead i forced myself to get up, shower, cuddle with the dog, eat breakfast and drag myself to work, where i face so much work to complete in the next three days, I really shouldn't be typing up this post. but i wanted to post a few sunny images from the weekend to brighten up the day:

i made this cute little bag up in the last few weeks, inspired to use some of that great 70s fabric i found in kingsville which forms an outside pocket with two wee wooden button (a bit hard to see in this pic). i think it still needs something - perhaps a larger button right where the handle joins the body of the bag?

and a bag i made ages ago and just never posted about due to laziness and lack of sunshine in the aussie winter. linen, hand dyed, and thrifted fabrics and lined with a beautiful super high thread count cotton. here's a detail of the outside:


  1. These are great - the bottom one is the perfect Spring bag, methinks!

  2. Hey Les,
    these bags look just grand!! I wish you lived a lot closer so that I could place a custom order! Maybe before you come to T-dot I'll bribe you with money and goods to do a trade with me!
    Luv Sarah

  3. Anonymous12:46 pm

    your bag is great. And your photography work is spectatcular, is it a digital?

  4. thanks everybody!

    tiel, yes, these shots are digital, taken with a nikon d70s - new to me and soooo exciting!!

  5. How about a removable fabric corsage in the flowery fabric for the top bag?

  6. Anonymous10:54 am

    That linen bag is gorgeous - it goes so well with the pink print.


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