Wednesday 30 August 2006

september craftiness

i'm planning to have an extra crafty september so expect lots of posts (something that i keep promising and have been not so good with delivery so far!). now that the sun is out longer and more often it's easier to get some good shots of what i've been working on. we're heading to bendigo for father's day this weekend and i'm taking HEAPS of finished bags, bears and new stuff to photograph in the sunny clime of benders - all good fodder for next month's craft fest. i keep wanting to post about all the fabulous fabric and goodies i've managed to find in op shops ranging from bendigo to the western suburbs all the way out to dandenong in the last few months (so much good stuff!) but i just can't seem to find away to fit them in. again, september is the big reveal of some of these treats, a few of them i have photographed and just never posted about. actually, what the hell, here are a couple of great finds from a lunchtime jaunt to a few op shops in kingsville the week before last:

these are two round tablecloths of really thick woven cotton, almost like hessian (burlap) but softer. i'm absolutely in love with the colours and think i may need to make myself a bag out of the green one.

i got about three meters of this vintage beauty. i think it's curtain material as it's got a plasticy/rubbery coating on the blank side - might be good for aprons?

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