Tuesday 8 August 2006

more new oobees

there will be plenty to show in the next few weeks, especially now that we FINALLY have some sunshine here in melbourne and i can begin to catalog the things i've been working on in the last couple of months plus my new camera finally arrived last week and I LOVE IT (and love my husband for continually posing no arguement to the spending of crazy amounts of money on my many hobbies). here are two new oobees, part of the stock i'm trying to compile for upcoming spring markets (so i can hopefully make up a bit of cash to compensate for my said spending) but i'm still not totally sure which ones i want to do yet. i visited the relatively new shirt & skirt market in st kilda this past weekend and it was really, really small and unbusy. i think it has potential to do well once it gains some recognition but, if i'm only doing one market a month, i want to make sure that i actually have some customers! i'll definitely do the market in the botanic gardens again and i'm thinking of applying for the hawthorn craft market as well... i think hawthorn is inside the town hall though, which means no happy baxter the dachshund at my side. boo.

wool tweed with wool/cashmere felt face, ears, tail.

cotton corduroy with 70% wool felt hand-dyed for the face, ears, tail.


  1. Anonymous10:07 pm

    Well hello there, Melbourne girl, and thank you for your comments. I've been here before, I think via Sandra also, and love those oobees. Makes me hum the tune...'oobee doobee, oobee doobee, oobee doobee, oobee doobee.... I think you get the idea. Will link you to me, so we can stay in touch. Us Melbourne crafters need to stick together.

  2. Ah, I do so love Oobees! Our two little fellows are very beloved indeed!


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