Saturday 4 March 2006

inspiration everywhere

i just rediscovered design*sponge this morning and have been catching up on all the absolutely amazing finds listed over there. my favourites:

limited edition letterpress card by port2port press

chairs by jason lewis

cat beds by cat-interiors

also, i hit chadstone last night for a little shopping. didn't buy much (two shirts on sale - cute but not blog worthy, i don't think) but was overwhelmed with the amount of beautiful fall clothes that are just making an appearance. sooooo many gorgeous sweaters, skirts, tops, all in the earthy, autumn colours i can't get enough of. fall/winter lines are always my favourite, the colours, textures and layers, i just love it. i'm even more inspired now to knit myself something fabulous and design a skirt or two. anyway, while perusing clothes i can't afford in david jones (like holt renfrew in canada), i came across veronika maine and almost stopped breathing. check out the website here.

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