Thursday 2 March 2006

indecision & ineptitude

arghhhh! i'm so creatively spastic this week, i really am annoying even myself. i attempted starting not one but THREE knitting projects last night:

1) a pair of mittens using this wonderful Checkheaton yarn i found at an op shop in bendigo. i've never used 4 needles before but after consulting my knitting book, thought i'd be able to handle it. i only got as far in the instructions as the "thumb gusset" before my brain switched off and i put everything back in it's respective space. (this is seriously about the 5th time i've done the exact same thing. i think i need someone to show me how to knit mitts, i just can't visualize the instructions.)

2) i started the circular shrug with a thick, handspun wool that was given to me by a lovely fellow market seller in victoria, bc last summer. it's gorgeous stuff and i have heaps of it but hadn't tried to knit with it before. because it's a bit slubby and uneven, it just wasn't going smoothly for this project so i got half way through casting on and gave up.

3) decided to try a beautiful pale blue alpaca yarn instead but it's much thinner so had to cast one quite a few more stitches, decided to try the recommended way of casting on instead of my normal way as i'm looking for a bit tighter start than i usually get. the new way of casting on proved very time consuming and after 40 stitches (i needed to CO 145), i gave up and pulled the whole thing apart with a definite grumpy pout.

all of this might not have been so bad if i aggravated myself further by buying some fabric for a wrap skirt yesterday, only to find that i didn't buy enough. the skirt was what i planned on working on last night and when i couldn't, the knitting drama began. i really shouldn't be mucking around with ANY of this stuff now anyway but working on my website(s). no motivation and too much motivation, it's a constant struggle in here, folks.

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