Thursday 9 February 2006

so many photos and lists

it's been a bit of a crazy week - work has been full of deadlines and then i come home and try to get the 6 million things done that i need to for the market this weekend (Royal Botanic Gardens, 9am til 3pm, saturday, february 11th, in case anyone from melbourne should happen to read this). shane's been pitching in like a trooper, running errands and painting my new display shelving (which he also built). i think i've almost got it under control except that i found some beautiful vintage children's hankerchiefs at an op shop in bendigo over the weekend and now i have a whole line of hankerchief pillows in my head which i feel i MUST make before saturday. i should have a million pic to pots after the market of all my stock plus the goodies i picked up at forementioned bendigo op shop but until then, here's a link to my flickr set of the bear/deer/dog type softies i've been making. stay tuned for more photos than one blog entry should handle!

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