Tuesday 14 February 2006

market in the gardens

so there is the oobee/onegirl booth, in all it's glory (with wonderful husband/helper in attendance, not actually anywhere near as grumpy as he looks in this pic)! i was actually pleasantly surprised by how well it came together. as per usual, i didn't really have the display planned out and this is one of the few times that in the end i went "huh! not bad!" as opposed to "wow, amateur hour." shane's lovingly built shelving system really saved the day. the market itself was lovely - brilliant weather, super nice people, lots of great feedback about my stuff. the oobees were a hit, so many people were so excited by them, it really was great to have a response like that from strangers. i had so many contact cards picked up - i REALLY need to get something up quick on the oobee site, tonight perhaps. saturday night we celebrated oobee's debut with a vietnamese feast with sharpy and sara in richmond and sunday was spent doing domestic duty - cleaned the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, did 4 loads of laundry, three loads of dishes, grocery shopping, shane brewed some beer, while i cooked a lamb roast and a loaf of zucchini bread (which i forgot in the oven - it's a bit crispy now.) i still need to get my craft room in order, it looks like a hurricane went through there. i finally organized my fabric stash last night by folding it up nicely and putting out on the shelves. previously it hid away in various boxes and i'd forget about past treasures, now i can see it all and remind myself that i really should get through some of it before i get too crazy buying more.

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