Tuesday 7 October 2014

Project journal: 07.10.14

Random capture from the studio today. I'm trying to print heaps and heaps of stock to carry me through The @finders_keepers market next month and beyond. Also helps to get this dropcloth nice and messy so I can make some new Dropcloth Artwork in the next

Oh my dear blog friends (if any of you are still out there...), I am so sorry for completely neglecting this space. It's purely been a case of having too much to share and not knowing where to start. Since opening the studio three months ago, I have been busier than ever and enjoying it even more, having the space to move freely and organise my work has made such a difference in productivity and mindset. I am loving it.

Workshops have been going super well and I had the first Screen Printing on Fabric workshop last month which was such a buzz, I love sharing this craft. I only have a few more workshops to teach before Christmas and then will be taking a break for the month of January (unless I get a group booking). There is ONE more spot available for Screen Printing this weekend and a couple of spaces left for Block Printing on Fabric and Freeform Patchwork at the end of the month.

Still working on the freeform patchwork, still not 100% sure what this will become but vague ideas are forming...

I haven't been doing much sewing lately, I did start in a(nother) Wiksten Tova dress right before The Craft Sessions (which was completely amazing by the way and completely more deserving of absolutely raving about rather than a brief mention in passing but time is tight, I'm trying to type this out while I direct my kids to get ready for school and childcare at 8am, it's kind of maddening) and have a little Maze & Vale scrap freeform patchwork on the go but neither are finished. I'm starting to make plans for next year, looking forward to having a bit of a breather in January, 2014 has been amazing but also kind of insane.

I've got a bit more news to share but will do so in separate posts over the next day or so - I can hear my kids arguing about what the weather will be like today so best go help them get dressed and get on with our day...

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