Tuesday 15 October 2013

Upcoming workshop: Stamp Carving for Printing on Fabric with Handmaker's Factory

Teeny new stamp : )

I'm excited to announce another stamp carving workshop I will be teaching in November with Handmaker's Factory! You can learn about the tools used to carve your own stamps, what inks and basecloths work best and then get to work carving your very own stamps to play with and take home (along with some fancy stamped fabric that you yourself will create during the workshop) - how fun does that sound?? You can find all the details and registration info right here, hope to see you there!


  1. Jenny3:01 pm

    Very excited to be coming along to this!

  2. It sounds like fun indeed

  3. Well, it is a new style of carving and I found it amazing really. I love carving very much and it has been one of my favorite topics from always. For some more carving visit my site at http://www.handicraftsinindia.in/marble-handicrafts


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