Monday 10 June 2013


Mucking around with scraps tonight

Wow, my posts per week ratio has fallen off the scales and we're now into posts per MONTH. I've just finished up two weeks of solo parenting while my husband has been off in Africa doing building works at a mission/orphanage (seriously. What a guy! It was through work though so he did get paid for it but still a pretty cool experience in all respects.) so my attention has ben solely focussed on the kids and being patient and making homemade playdough, taking them to the aquarium and to see Peter Pan on the big screen, reading books, making banana pancakes, watching Dora, playing lego and celebrating my littlest one's third birthday. You'll forgive me for being a bit absentee. I've also been doing a gluten fast (more about that later) and have been reaping the benefits of all sorts of new energy and clear mindedness which I'm hoping will aid in the reincarnation of this blog, back into a place where I actually write about things. More often.


  1. Well done your husband - and you for surviving. I wonder where he was in Africa? John is off to Malawi in just under a fortnight - (he'll be away for 17 days which scares me a bit but i'm sure we'll survive!) he's taking a school trip to help build a new school canteen. Juliex

  2. nice to see you back again. would love to hear more about the energy/clear mindedness, need to get out of what feels like a permanent fug at the moment :)

  3. Ah, single seem to have a lovely attitude about it Leslie! Happy it was for a very valid reason :o) I'd love to hear more about the gluten fast. I blame my extreme tiredness on 5 hours sleep at night but I think I need to re-tune my diet to get all the other things on track. You are SO not a slacker!

  4. This blog hasn't gotten off to the roaring start of content that I'd hoped. Blogging, apparently, just like comedy is all about timing.


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