Sunday 5 May 2013

Going sustainable and big time shop news

quill in mint
xox in camellia pink
seedpods in mint

I am super happy to introduce my new hemp/organic cotton basecloth! I have been searching for a few months now for a sustainable replacement for my quilting weight cotton and jumped at the chance to purchase this creamy white and soft, mid-weight gorgeousness. I am picky about my fabric. I want it to feel right and this feels fabulous. It is a bit thicker than my quilting cotton but will still work perfectly for quilts, with the added bonus that hemp creates one of the most durable fabrics on the planet so your quilts will really be heirloom ready. The slightly heavier weight also makes it perfect for cushion covers and light upholstery, even clothing (would make a great skirt). I've added the first of my new panels to the shop today, in new colours of Mint and Camellia Pink, and in even bigger news, I've also decided to offer DOUBLE PANELS of the new basecloth and my existing flax linen/cotton. That's right, all you folk who have been desperate for fat quarters, double panels are your answer! There are only a few available at the moment with more to come in the next few weeks.

So what does this mean for my quilting cotton? It means that what is in the shop now is pretty much all I have and I won't be ordering more (I will be able to offer the bone and grey cotton for a while longer as I have some left on the bolt). I really want to feel good about what I'm selling and creating and while the quilting cotton felt beautiful to the touch, it bothered me to know that the way it is being grown is damaging the earth and potentially the communities that are producing it. I will also be replacing my current linen/cotton basecloth with an equally gorgeous organic linen/organic cotton later this year.

Sorbet II panel set
Evening Song panel set
Oh! And I've added two new special edition cotton panel sets to the shop today, as well! Anyone who missed out on the Sorbet panel sets will be happy to see there is now Sorbet II with all new prints. And a lovely selection of blue shades called Evening Song. I'll probably have a few more special edition sets coming as I clear out the random quilting cotton remnants I have hanging around my studio but I think that's it for the Sorbet colours, might have a few meters of the purple.

I think that's all my official news for tonight?


  1. Anonymous7:05 pm

    This is great! I can feel even better buying your lively fabric :) good call...

  2. Such beautiful fabrics!!! :)

  3. Congratulations,'s lovely!

  4. Lovely fabrics! Beautiful colours!

  5. How fantastic Leslie! Love that you've made the switch to organic fabric - I hope to snatch some up when I'm sewing again, hopefully that will be soonish :o) xo Devon

  6. I just discovered you via someone else's blog via the Blogger's Quilt Festival. Your fabrics are so pretty! I'm going to check our your shop now.


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