Saturday 13 April 2013

Handprinted: a fabric swap III : fabric!

Aw, poor swap folks, I feel like I've totally abandoned you since the mailout deadline! Not to fear, I'm back to show some of the goodies I have received from my two swap groups (we had 98 people sign up so I joined two groups to have full numbers) and will put together a post later this week with some ideas of how to use these amazing fat quarters.

First up, a gloriously stunning FOUR colour, stencil cut print by screen printer extraordinaire, Sarah Waterhouse. This design is just amazing and the colours are so striking. My kids both love this one and had a little tussle over it until I said I'd make them a cushion cover for their playroom with it - crisis averted!

Some beautifully stamped fabric by Adrienne, made with hand carved stamps of her own design. What makes this one truly special to me is the way she has overprinted the different shaped feathers and accent designs in the multi-colour piece. It is so wonderfully and spontaneously done and the colours are just perfect. (I had the pleasure of meeting Adrienne in person last week at Finders Keepers - Hi, Adrienne! It was great chatting to you {and your pal, her name escapes me, apologies!!}) 

Some more gorgeously subtle stamping by Katja in Germany! She explored a variety of different materials to create these: an old wooden block stamp for the bird/flower bud design, her own linocut for the flamingos and a cork lid for the circles, which in turn form a flower. So clever!

Awesome, simple but super effective wave design, screen printed by Anna. I'm not sure if this one was stencil cut or emulsion but I truly love it, I think it will be great as a cushion cover for my couch, along with the next fabulous piece...

By the hugely talented, Amy of Umbrella Prints! Amy screen printed four sections of this circle for each of the swap participants so that, when put together, they would form a whole. Awesome concept, beautiful (as always) design. So pleased to have this!

Another super talented print maker, Kylie, created this gorgeous design with a hand carved stamp. It's so clever, take a look and see if you can make out the actual shape of the stamp apart from the shapes it creates as a pattern. The lady is a genius, I tell you. Also destined for couch cushion fame, I think it will be perfect with the two above.

And last but most certainly not least is a collection of screen and block prints by Krista, who has been doing all sorts of experimenting with drawing fluid and photo emulsion! I don't want to play favourites but these designs are up there, the geometric block print is so great and the circles made up of tiny lines gives me serious design envy. I'm excited to see where she goes with these 'cause the girl's got huge talent (which we already knew from her quilting prowess).

Thank you so much to each and every one of my swap groups, it has been such a delight to recieve these in the mail and so exciting to see people explore new ground. I've got one more print on it's way from the UK so hopefully that will turn up in time for my post of fabric usage ideas. I'm eager to sew with these and actually use a few from the first swap as well - off to see what projects I can find and share!


  1. Oh my! Well done ladies. All of the fabric prints are just too beautiful!

  2. these are all absolutely beautiful

  3. What a fab collection you got - amazing talent in the groups!

  4. WOW what a fantastic swap! So many gorgeous fat quarters... lookign forward to seeing what you do with them all :)

  5. Huge thank you to you for organizing this. I had a very good time learning something new, inspired by all the talent here to keep at it. Thank you thank you!

  6. thank you for such a flattering summary, this really has been a fantastic experience, so I have you to thank for not only a wonderful challenge but for new and extremely talented friends. i can't wait for it to roll around again later in the year.

  7. They arrived! Phew! I hope the block prints aren't too toxic :( Damn oil based inks. I need a good alternative.

    You got a beautiful group of fabrics in the swap. Thank you again for putting this on!

  8. Thank you Leslie for your lovely comments about the fabric I sent you and a HUGE thank you for organising this. I had so much fun taking part and met some wonderful people. Thanks again

  9. I'm so embarrassed that I've only just found this post! Thank you so much Leslie for saying such lovely things :) You are just amazing for organising his swap and all the work you put in. I absolutely love the fabric you printed for me too :) Kx

  10. Leslie, thank you so much -- I'm so glad you liked my fabric! And a huge, belated thank you for organizing the swap; I find it so inspiring -- can't wait for the next one!

  11. I can't believe I only just found this! I'm a design student and all your tutorials are so helpful! Count me in for you next Fabric Swap :)


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