Sunday 17 March 2013

New in the shop...

new yardage

I seem to be perpetually a week or two behind in my blog posts and don't really see that changing any time soon - I thought life would slow down a tad once we got into the routine of Mae going to kinder four days a week (half days) but nope, it's actually more hectic than ever. But everything gets done eventually and, while it took me a couple of weeks from the time they arrived to get them into the shop and another week and a bit to actually mention them here, I am happy to introduce a small range of limited edition, two colour, digitally printed fabrics available as yardage.

While I am all about printing by hand, I really need some way to address the numerous emails I receive each and every week from people requesting fat quarters and meters or yards of my designs. The screens I currently use are only as large as my panels, which is why the panels are the size they are. To print yardage using my screens requires me to print between 9 and 12 (depending on which direction the design goes) impressions per meter and to line up the design for each repeat. It can be done but I find it pretty arduous and my misprint rate on yardage is high (have one smudged or light print and you've got to start all over again, especially frustrating when it's one of the last repeats!) which is why my pricing on the custom printing I offer is quite high. I'd like to be able to offer yardage as a more reasonable price and so, for the short term, I've turned to digital printing.

The three prints above are printed in a gorgeous pale grey with minty, turquoise accents on 100% cotton basecloth. The quality of both the basecloth and the printing itself is EXCELLENT, much better than when I looked into digital printing a couple of years ago. I struggled with what designs to offer and in what colours, I've probably been too reserved and should have made better use of the lack of colour limitations but decided I just had to make a decision and stick to it. I love grey, you guys love grey, I didn't have these prints in grey - there you go. They go excellently with my handprinted fabrics and I've mixed up a minty turquoise ink so I can print some accent designs as well (coming soon). I have 3 meters available of each and then will decide if they get reprinted or if I try some other designs, I have so many brewing in my head now...

You can find these new prints here, available by the fat quarter or half meter (full meters available by ordering 2 of the half meter listing.)

Surprise! I just listed 12 sample packs in my Etsy shop - go get 'em!! Http://

And as a little surprise, I have also listed 12 sample packs and a shwack of new prints, head to the shop to see them all on the front page. Updated to add:: sorry about that folks, those sample packs sold out in record time!! I will have some more next month after Finders Keepers, I promise!


  1. Gorgeous Leslie! You are rocking it and have certainly found your niche. Love, love your work and the two colour prints are awesome. xxx

  2. absolutely gorgeous new prints ... LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

  3. Anonymous8:24 pm

    i love those grey clouds with the mint raindrops !!!! your printings are gorgeous ♥ best wishes from the other end of the world ... katja

  4. Beautiful new prints, and the colours are just perfect!

  5. we must chat re: me using some of your mustard and grey fabrics in the cushions for our study ottoman (amongst many other things of course!)

  6. WOW thanks to Amy I found your website and I LOVE your fabric. Whew I'm going to have to order some of this fabric that's for sure. My DH is not gonna be happy that's for sure but tough is what I say. I shall wait a bit though because I've been ordering way too much of late after promising (with fingers crossed of course) that I wouldn't.


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