Wednesday, 6 March 2013

hand printing decisions...

Found out I'll be at Finders Keepers again next month so scored some extra printing time this weekend to start replenishing stocks : )

I've scored myself a bit of bonus working time today as my littlest one crashed into a very-rare-these-days nap right after dropping her sister and three friends off at kinder. We do a childcare swap with three other kinder mums and so Wednesdays are my busiest day with two extra kids arriving around 8:45am and another joining us for lunch and the short walk to kinder. By the time I get all four (plus the 2 year old) fed, into shoes and hats and sunscreen, with their snack bags, kinder bags and drink bottles, out the door and ushered to kinder, signed all four of them in and made my exit, I am pretty happy just to have one kid to deal with so you can imagine my extreme delight that the one kid is now asleep and I have some time to relax (and actually think whole thoughts. and drink coffee and eat lunch).

So anyway, the photo above has nothing to do with what I'm up to this afternoon, it's an Instagram from a couple of weeks but I like to have a bit of pretty in a post so it will do. I'm actually planning on wrapping up the 10 or so orders that have come in over the past couple of days (thank you, lovely people!!) and then getting down to planning my contribution to Handprinted: a fabric swap III. I ordered some EziCut stencil material months ago and haven't even taken it out of the package yet so I'd like to come up with a design to try it out and this seems like the perfect excuse. Although I haven't played with my block making stuff for a very long time either... Decisions, decisions... What are you guys working on?


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