Thursday 28 February 2013

Last call for Handprinted: a fabric swap III

Signups for the fabric swap end tonight so if you're still debating, check out these gorgeous examples of handprinted work and then visit my handprinted board on Pinterest to really push yourself over the edge...

Screen printed cushion cover by Kate Clarke
Screen printed fabric by Celina Macurti
Block printed by Jeanne McGee
handprinted linen pillow, the flower side
Block printed by Seedpod


  1. Ok...your posts are just making me anxious! I think that I need to crack open my Rescue Remedy!! How will I live up to this challenge?!?! {dissolving into quivering heap on the floor}

  2. Ooh that cushion cover by Kate Clarke is super lovely!

  3. Even more excited (and nervous) now.... :) And EXCITED!!!

  4. Leslie can you tell me what ink gives good coverage with rubber stamps. I've tried permaset textile ink and think that it works fine for screen printing but doesnt give good coverage for handcarved rubber stamps. I understand that for the fabric swap it is preferable to use a textile paint for washing purposes. Otherwise I will look at a different method of printing

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