Wednesday 12 December 2012

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Drumroll, please.... the winner is Jessica, comment number 33!! I know I was supposed to pick a winner yesterday but if you follow me on Facebook (where I seem to be updating more often than here lately, it's just so easy) you may have seen my post last night that I was still recovering from a manic weekend at Finders Keepers market in Sydney and postponed the draw until tonight.

SYDNEY!!!! Whoa, Sydney, what a weekend! You guys are a lovely bunch of folk who love some serious shopping and I had such an excellent time : ) I sold out of bucket totes, oobees and teatowels so I am very sorry, online buddies, but I won't be updating my Etsy shop with any new stock before Christmas. Which, although I feel badly about anyone missing out, I am quite pleased about. It's been a mad couple of months of making and selling and I am loving the chance to breathe a bit and enjoy the last two weeks before Christmas with my family. I'm looking forward to sewing some Christmas frocks for my girls and perhaps a few summer pieces for myself and having time to work on new designs and catch up on almost three months of book keeping (eep!).


  1. Yay!! So excited to win!
    Thanks for the generous give away Leslie!
    Also congrats on a good market weekend for you! So happy you were able to sell out.
    I was planing on coming along to say hi, but as it goes with small children something came up at the last minute

  2. That sounds like a lot in 2 weeks to me! Have fun and hopefully some rest in there too. :)

  3. Just getting back in touch with blogland, sorry for the late comment. Wow, I have no idea how you do it all! Your textiles are just stunning Leslie - love them - I have to get into your shop soon. Life with small people is mad, isn't it?!? Hope you are enjoying your little tribe xo


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