Sunday 5 August 2012

miss mae is four

mae's 4th birthday dress

wow, it's been a huge birthday weekend for miss mae! her actual birthday was on friday, with balloons and cupcakes and her new dress (made from the ultra pink linen/cotton that i handprinted) and soph and i joining her at kinder for the afternoon. then we had one of her mother's group/kinder buddies birthday party on saturday afternoon and her very own party today - we have eaten a very large amount of {delicious} cake over the past few days! the lead up to this weekend has taken up lots of my normal working time but it's all worth it, she had a great time and went to sleep tonight a very happy four year old : )


  1. Wow, already! Happy Birthday to her and I love the very pink dress.

  2. Happy Birthday Mae - where do the years go?

  3. Happy birthday Mae!
    Hey, love the prints on the wall...that's exactly why I want to buy some!!! But can't decide which...Ange x


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