Thursday 30 August 2012

craft hatch market :: this weekend

dropcloth artwork
dropcloth art cards

local folks, come visit me this saturday at craft hatch, held at 1000 £ Bend, 361 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne from 11am til 4pm! i had the littlest kid at home with me today so it wasn't really the productive pre-market thursday that i had planned (she wasn't sick but her face broke out in a mystery rash shortly after being dropped off and so i picked her up again, only to have her come home in high spirits and the rash disappearing with 15 minutes). the quilt and bucket totes that i wanted to finish today might have to wait but i will have new dropcloth artwork from my fourth table change (i don't normally turn them over so quickly but i did a heap on printing in the last two months to get ready for the upcoming holiday madness) and a new range of art/greeting cards made with dropcloth bits as well. i used to wholesale handmade cards in my onegirl days in canada and still have a decent pile of really nice blank cards leftover. i hate to waste anything so i sourced some new envelopes and plastic bags to make these up. they're blank inside so handy for any old occasion and would be nice framed, too.

handprinted sample packs

i'll also have my new sample packs on offer, some in 100% cotton and a few in mid-weight linen and cotton blends. a few people have inquired about these after i showed them a couple of weeks ago - i probably won't put them online until after finders keepers in october but if you're ordering something and want to add one, drop me an email or etsy convo and i'll set you up a custom listing.


  1. Anonymous1:33 pm

    It all looks wonderful. Just love the cards and scrap packs. Wish I lived in Melbourne!

  2. love the cards, let me know if you have any left over.

  3. So glad I found you through Pinterest! :) I love your designs... cool that you're a Canadian too!

  4. Oh wow, I used to visit here regularly when you were Onegirl and I remember you were just starting to dye fabric with natural dyes.. then life got in the way (I had a bebe of my own) and I just stumbled back here. LOVE your stuff, will be purchasing soon.

  5. Your work is so beautiful! I am a huge hand printing fan. I actually found you because another designer cited you as an influence in an interview on my site. Glad I did.

  6. Love the cards.... save some for me!!! Love, MOM


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