Sunday 19 August 2012

big news::new prints + price drop : )

aahhh, etsy came back to life last night and i was able to get a few variations of my new designs into the shop. introducing...

tiny forest in storm
tiny forest in depth
tiny forest, a small scale version of my small forest print that is so cute, it trumps the larger scale completely. shown at top in storm on bone basecloth, also available in mustard and a new colour, depth, a murky green with a touch of blue grey.

tearoses in husk
tearoses in overcast
tearoses, a larger scale design, inspired by a simple walk to kindergarten. a neighbour has the most amazing roses rambling over their fence, huge buds with layer upon layer of tightly fit petals. i pondered over how this would work graphically and recreated my version of the roses digitally later the same day. shown in husk on white and overcast on white (i really just want to print everything in these two colours. forever.)

verses in peacock
verses in peacock
and my new favourite, verses. a sketchy take on a typographic design that came about from a doodle session with mae. the paragraph spacing is a bit random and wonky and it somehow makes my heart ache just a little bit, like there is something life changingly important written there, if only you knew the language. shown here in peacock on bone and soon to be available in more colours.

and a big bit of news: i've just reduced the pricing on all my cotton fabric panels from $10 to $8. and i'll be releasing limited edition linen and linen/cotton panels next month for $10 each. and some overprinted fat quarters that can be used to make cushion covers or what not even sooner! exciting times around here, folks. as per usual : )


  1. Love them all Leslie! Especially coveting your verses design I have to say :) My big girl thinks it looks like text from a distance... "really cool" apparently ;) Lovely work. Kx

  2. Oh lovely .. hopefully I'llget my hands on some fat quarters for cushions .

  3. Love the tearoses and verses - really love them.

  4. Love the tea roses! They remind me a little of Charles Rennie Mackintosh:
    Is it possible to do a grey fabric with white or yellow tearoses? I'd love to make some cushions but white fabric is risky in my house!


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