Monday 30 July 2012

in the air


spring is coming. i can feel it in the extra warmth the sun is shining on us the past week (when the wind and rain aren't blowing it away) and it really can't come quickly enough for me. it feels like it has been a looooooooong winter  - that somehow is also going past really quickly, which is a bit of a paradox, no? - and i am longing to ditch my sweaters and heavy layers and get my crazy kids outside a bit more.

yellows and murky bluey greens

it's coming out in the printing, too. i've been mixing new yellows and greeny blues, playing with pale limey greens. and you might spy a new print or two in the mix there, i've also been making some new screens that shall get their proper reveal soon.


  1. I'm writing a very similarly themed post about how I can't wait for spring. just wish I had something creative to write about - you are inspiring!

  2. Gorgeous :) Yes, I'm looking forward to some Spring too... I just wish it would hang around a bit longer up here and not turn into sizzling summer quite so quickly ;) Loving these beautiful designs :) Kx

  3. It is SO in the air...

  4. Can't believe your jasmine is already out although our buds look fat! To me jasmine is the smell of summer!


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