Monday 28 May 2012

handprinted monday::block printing

just like last time, i thought i'd mark down the last five days of swap sign ups by focusing on a different element of handprinting each day, a little bit of inspiration and encouragement. today is all about block printing, that is carving your design out of lino, wood or eraser-like carving material and then using it as a stamp.

{hand carved wooden block print by Maria Joao}

{woodcuts on linen by Jeanne McGee}

Hand-Printed Fabric!
{hand carved lino cut on fabric by Thought & Found}

feather stamps
{hand carved wood blocks on paper by Alex Michardi}

iep, iepenblad, iepenzaad
{hand carved stamps on paper by hier houd ik van}

::more carved stamp inspiration::
carve your stamp group on flickr
stamp your art out group on flickr
hand carved stamps board on pinterest

hand carved stamp tutorial on gennine's art blog
diy hand carved stamp tutorial by teal & tea

i found plenty of information on how to carve the stamps and have included the best two above but i wasn't able to find any really good tutorials on using the stamps to print on fabric so i will write up something myself next week - perfect excuse to carve some new stamps, i say!

jesse of jezze prints has alerted me to the WEALTH of information in her tutorials section. i'll be adding a few of her other tutorials to future posts but here are links to her excellent fabric printing tutorial series:
Jezze Prints: fabric printing I
Jezze Prints: fabric printing II
Jezze Prints: fabric printing III

this is pretty much the same way i do block printing, except that i use a foam brush to dab the paint onto my blocks rather than a roller. i just found i could get the paint a bit more "tacky" this way and end up with slightly more consistent prints (something that jesse doesn't seem to have a problem with, all of her printing always looks amazing!)


  1. If it's any help, I have a few fabric printing tutorials on my blog: There are more under the 'tutorials' label in the sidebar.

  2. Thank you for offering this help and inspiration. It makes trying my first handprints feel a little less daunting...

  3. I'm just catching up on my blog reading after a busy couple of weeks, and imagine my surprise to find my fabric on your blog! Thanks so much, I'm honoured to be included with such a talented bunch!


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