Tuesday 6 March 2012

oobee bunnies!!

easter edition oobees

eight special easter edition oobees are now in my shop waiting for new homes! i make these bunnies only once a year, every year for the past five (or six?) and they are usually pretty popular - not surprising as those long ears ARE pretty gorgeous, especially since i've lined them with ridiculously soft organic cotton/hemp fleece this year. as usual they are a mix of cotton and linen fabrics (with a couple of pinwale corduroy ones in this batch - super fun to print on!), handprinted with my designs in solvent free, environmentally friendly inks and stuffed with cuddly soft, natural wool fleece. i hope they get nestled into easter baskets with some colourful eggs and a healthy dose of chocolate : )


  1. oh jerome.. you are so me! is it ridiculous to buy him just for me & keep him away from the kiddyliwinks?

  2. I love that you're now using just your printed fabrics, so gorgeous!


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