Monday 12 March 2012

new quill colours

new quill colours

i've had a busy {long} weekend printing up lots of panel stock and decided to try out my quill design in a few new colours. introducing pale grey on bone (which is my absolute new favourite combination), mustard on pure white and alabaster on grey, all basecloth premium quality, quilting weight, 100% cotton. my previous favourite, quill in dark grey on light grey linen/cotton is almost sold out and won't be reprinted (i only had about 8 meters of the basecloth, picked up in canada last august). i have two panels left so get in quick if you loved this one as much as i did.

ps. thank you for the feedback on the new tote design!!


  1. Ooh what gorgeous prints, loving the grey on bone. You're so clever!

  2. Just had to buy some! Yum! Got your blog from the MMQG (Melbourne Quilt Guild) bloglist - would love for you to come and show your screenprinted fabric and designs one day!


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