Tuesday 14 February 2012

assorted good bits

scrap quilt

just a little evidence to prove that there is still a bit of quilting going on around these parts. i actually have about three (maybe four?) single size quilt tops finished and ready for basting, just waiting for the time to get them done. i quilted this one last week and now all it needs is binding... since i want to print fabric to make the binding it could be awhile...

congrats to all the better homes & gardens ticket recipients! cheeky monkey, Incoknito and Amanda corica, i haven't been able to track down an email address for you, can you please contact me at leslie.keating@gmail.com and i'll give you the details on how to claim you double guest pass.

and the buy 3 get 1 free valentine's day sale ends tomorrow, thanks to everyone who has added some maze & vale goodness to their stash this week and happy valentine's day to you all! xox


  1. it looks just beautiful, Leslie. Your fabrics looks just stunning all quilted up like that

  2. I totally missed your sale! I had good intentions but then the time just disappeared. As it does. The ones I bought recently are looking great in the current quilt, so will definitely stock up on some more soon!
    And the quilt above looks gorgeous.

  3. oh no... I missed the sale! And I had such good intentions. You'll be pleased to hear though that the ones I bought previously are looking wonderful in my current quilt, so sale or no sale, there will be further purchases!
    The quilt above looks just beautiful. Good to hear you're still in the quilting game!

  4. great quilt again Leslie!


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