Wednesday 25 January 2012

op shop tip offs

bendigo pottery

i've been dragging the kids around* to plenty of our local op shops lately, in search of frames for both screen printing and for a photo feature wall i want to create in our hallway. of course, i also have to peruse all the other goodies on offer. i scored big time today by finding the sugar bowl for this bendigo pottery design award set that i bought at the salvos on glenferrie rd about 6 years ago. it came with a sugar bowl but was missing the lid, i loved it too much to leave it and have been keeping an eye out ever since. and today there is was for $2.99, just the sugar bowl with lid, finally waiting for me.


and i found this hand turned wooden bowl last week for $1. seriously, does it get much better??

anyway, while hitting all these op shops, i keep finding amazing things that i can't use for whatever reason and totally want to share the news so someone can snap these things up. like the gorgeous, size 37, camper boots i saw at savers footscray last week for $9.99. i'm a size 38 and it physically hurt to leave them there. or the AMAZING, huge, hand pieced hexagon quilt top that i saw at the salvos in newport (kororoit creek rd) this morning for $14.99. so i'll be posting random op shop alerts (mostly for the western suburbs as that's where we are) on my maze & vale facebook page. go on over if you want the heads up!

*they love it anyway. mae actually asked if we could go to the op shop this morning, so we could "look at the toys".

oh and excuse the last post of NOTHING. i have no idea why it is there but suspect that sophie and the ipod have something to do with it : )


  1. oooh, thanks for the tip off! Should be able to check out the Kororoit creek rd one on Friday, hope the quilt is still there! That's one of my fave oppy's!

  2. I feel your pain!! Sometimes it's so hard to leave things when your desperate to take things home. Mr Op Shop Jnr is hit and miss, we now seem to have an agreement - I get time (no more than 10-12 minutes) in an op shop and then he gets an hour or so in the park. I've now begun buying op shop mags to read in the park afterwards - everyone's a winner!!
    I love the set and the sugar bowl lid was worth the wait!

  3. Now I'm wishing I lived in Melbourne (actually I did for a year - dad job-swapped when I was about 7 and we lived in a small bachelor house in Ascot Vale - going to Ascot Vale primary.....bit of a shock for a countryside girl! It was a brilliant experience). Love your wooden carved bowl - beautiful. Juliex

  4. Gorgeous finds, hon! Hugs! MOM

  5. The thrill of the hunt--I love it! I'm assuming an op shop is a second hand store?
    I'm from Chicago, IL, so I'm not familiar with that term. I love finding treasures and will always remember where and when I found them. So much more satisfying than going out and buying something at a regular store.

  6. "thrifting for others" that's what i call it. when i know what my friends passions are it's hard to pass up something i know is SO THEM and it's a nice thought and fun to surprise someone.

    pottery+wood two of my thrifting passions i recently posted's a sisterhood!

  7. Great finds - now get over the East (the Farrrrrrrrrrrr East) and find some goodies! :) And let's pen in a get-together too!


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