Saturday 14 January 2012

destash sale tomorrow

it's been a busy week photographing vintage patterns and oh-so-much fabric! i'm actually a little bit embarrassed at how much stuff is going into this sale... and it's really such a small portion of my stash... (i haven't even touched my bins of vintage fabric for this one) but the sale kicks off tomorrow night, 8pm melbourne time in my onegirl shop. hope you guys can help me lighten my load! x

updated to add: my apologies, north american folk, i realise that the sale launch time isn't particularly good for you guys as it's the middle of the night but this sale is probably only going to be really good for aussies anyway. overseas shipping on large quantities fabric can get pretty crazy while shipping within australia is very reasonable (and i'm offering a flat rate shipping rate of $6.95 anywhere in australia for this sale).


  1. Stop tempting me! (Supposed to be destahing here) I have soooo many of those fabrics in the photo, I think I'd like your sale!

  2. How lovely! If only postage doesn't cost so much..... :C


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