Wednesday 28 December 2011


it's been a crazy week, not only with holiday festivities but also a big girl with a bit of a stomach bug (and the sookiness and tantrums that go with the tiredness from being unwell and not eating much) and a little girl still growing the never-seeming-to-appear last eight teeth (and the erratic sleeping patterns and craziness that go with that) but finally i have a wee bit of time to write some words to go with the christmas images from the last two posts. i don't know if i will ever stop comparing christmas back home with christmas in australia, after seven years it is still slightly bizarre to me to bake gingerbread accompanied by the smell of freshly mown grass wafting through an open window or have my three year old be able to test out her new scooter in a tutu and tank top at 7am on christmas morning. christmas here is different. festive, fun and good but not the same as the atmospheric holiday i grew up with. i made roast turkey with all the usual trimmings for christmas lunch and, while tasty, i think next year we'll opt for some classic aussie seafood instead. running the oven for hours on end when it's 30ÂșC outside just seems a bit crazy. and i think we'll come up with another tree option next year. we had my first ever real tree this year and while the piney smell for the first few days was divine, the baby spider infestation that i had to tackle using toxic bug spray really tipped the scales in the favour of fake for me.

nutty kids and spider invasions aside, we really had a lovely christmas. i made each of the girls new, summer pj bottoms for christmas eve (soph is wearing hers in the christmas morning photos, mae thought hers were too big so opted for mama-made tights instead) and a handmade gift for each of them christmas morning. sophie recieved some bead-adorned felt cookies for their play kitchen (inspired by these) and mae finally got the doll i made her months ago, complete with matching pjs and tutu (which were SO FUN to make!). and now the crazy, last minute making and sending is behind me, the festivities are finished and the house is slowly getting back in order, i'm getting excited to ring in 2012. lots of planning and scheming, as per usual : )

oh and my husband got me some kick ass vintage lighting for my sewing/printing room, remind me to get a photo of those to share!

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