Wednesday 7 December 2011

from scratch


spotty dots

in between the holiday/new shop/market/daily life madness of the past couple of weeks, i've still eked out a bit of time to entertain my desire for new designs. i've even taken it to the next step and have been creating the screens themselves, from op shopped picture frames and screen printing mesh that i ordered on ebay, then painting the designs on with speedball screen filler. it's a pretty great and cheap way to muck around and try out new stuff. the photos show the {very rustic} screen i made this week, trying to replicate a design i first carved as a stamp back in august and then the results of that screen plus another of my designs printed in pinks on super soft pinwale corduroy for a couple of custom oobees.

christmas tights

and some very festive tights i made for mae using another new screen i created last week. teeny little confetti-like squares make me smile. i hope to mesh a couple of larger frames tomorrow but next time i do a smaller one, i'll take photos to do a little tutorial, it's really pretty simple once you've got the supplies.


  1. I'm in awe! I had my first attempt at printing lino cuts today, not super successful even though I like the effect. I really must get some tips from you as yours are so crisp and amazing!

  2. Wow, well done. You're such an inspiration!

  3. Lucinda1:18 pm

    love the screen-printed designs!! I put Lena Corwin's book on my Christmas list, and love seeing blogs like yours explore the art of screen-printing. Looking forward to your tutorial!!

  4. How clever you are to use a thrifted frame! I typically used canvas stretcher bars + wood glue & duct tape. I may have to dig out my mesh and screen filler from my sell box to take with me. I really do miss printing!! Your designs & colors are super lovely :o)

  5. Wow, great results from the home made screen! And fabulous designs. It's great you took some time out for some personal creativity... I find myself feeling bogged down in xmas making but know I should do something for my own creativity to restore the balance.. just need to make some time for it.


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