Thursday 24 November 2011

advent ideas

diy advent

with the start of advent looming (less than a week!), i've been making a list of activities to put in my yet-to-be-created advent calendar. here's what i've come up with so far (in no particular order and some of these could be used more than once):

• read a new christmas book (i have a stash of vintage ones put away)
• make ornaments from sculptey or air dry clay
• make felt ornaments
• cut paper snowflakes
• make snowglobes (like these)
• make collage christmas cards and send to family
• make christmas cards for friends
• write a letter to santa
• take a train into the city to see the myer christmas windows
• learn some christmas carols
• bake gingerbread people
• bake shortbread
• bake sugar cookies
• decorate the christmas tree
• make wrapping paper with potato stamps
• make yarn pompoms and string together for a garland
• make collage paper snowmen and christmas trees (decorate collage trees with stickers)
• collect fallen eucalyptus leaves to make a wreath
• decorate a gingerbread house (kit)

plus i have a couple of holiday themed craft kits stashed away and there are local activities like carols in the park to fill in a few days. any other ideas?

and there is still time to pick up an advent panel if you decide to do some last minute creating (like i will be doing). i'll be at the maribyrnong maker's market on gamon st in seddon this saturday from 9:30am til 3:30pm so swing by and snap one up (or a teatowel or a quilt or an oobee or some fabric). i'll be set up in the church yard, across from the entrance to the hall but make sure you pop down the street to the rest of the market in the park, too. for this special christmas event, the market spans two sites and the park has some awesome kids activities like a petting zoo, playground and face painting. a fun day out for everyone! 


  1. Lots of great ideas here. Unfortunately, with one week to go I think I have missed the boat on the advent calendar front for another year. I had all sorts of ideas but don't think I'll be able to get my act together in time. We will still do some ad hoc christmas activities, though. Myer's Santaland is not bad if you are planning to visit "Santa".

  2. thanks for the tip, cc! i wasn't going to do the santa thing 'cause i think both my kids would cling to me, shrieking, but i'll pop into myer when we check out the windows. they just may surprise me!

  3. Okay leslie, this is a tad wierd - perhaps. But, I made a list of my own this morning (much of which won't happen b/c of the move!) and well, our first four items match - exactly, same order and all. Great minds think alike and all :). I plan to drop into the market tomorrow morning on our way to the new place. I MUST HAVE an 'Advent Panel'!

  4. one day you need to go for a walk/drive and look at christmas lights, although that's a bit easier in brisbane when it's darker earlier

  5. Great ideas! You're going to be very busy...You could make paper chains together. I made them last year with my nieces. I didn't like any of the pre-made ones, so I cut up strips of double sided scrapbooking paper and we stuck them together with sticky dots. I think using the sticky dots were their favourite bit of the whole process! You could also cut snowmen or elf shaped paper chains for them to colour in.


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