Wednesday 5 October 2011



i've been mucking about with some speedball screen printing supplies i picked up in canada. these are my first two screens, made using screen filler and creating the circles with a paintbrush (which was surprisingly relaxing, i think i miss a bit of painting). the big circles (in black) have been in my head for a long time, they are about 8cm across and i think they would be perfect on a twirly skirt for mae. they were my first attempt and i didn't have enough ink on the screen so the printing is imperfect, transparent in places, but i kind of love the way it came out. i may just print with insufficient ink on this one all the time. the pale blue design is a REALLY big circle, about 25cm across, and i designed it so i could carve blocks to add different designs/colours into the center but i really like the way it looks on it's own, too. so a pretty successful first run, i'd say : )

i've been thinking of organising a hand printed fabric swap. i remember hearing about one a couple of years ago, seeing all the cool designs that were being sent around and was bummed that i missed out. i've come across heaps of tutorials and inspiration over the past couple of months that i'd be happy to share to encourage newbies to have a go - any interest out there in some swapping action?


  1. I've been wanting to try printing my own fabric designs for awhile - a swap would be a great motivator to do it. I'd be in if you have a swap :) Love those large circles, by the way.

  2. I was part of Jezze's swap all that time ago, if that's the one you mean, in fact it inspired me to do more block printing and pattern design for fabric. I'd love to do it again, especially if it had a bit of built in dither time :-)

  3. Am kind of interested but possibly too intimidated to commit!! I just popped over to Jeanne McGee's blog via a link from your pinterest and my head just exploded (I'm still wiping bits of brain matter off my keyboard!!)

  4. I would be so in! Assuming someone wouldn't mind swapping to the US. I've been doing some stamp carving and would love to play around with fabric printing.

  5. I would love to play along in a handprinted fabric swap... I need an excuse to get the screen out.


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