Thursday 20 October 2011

handprinted thursday::screen printing

hey folks, swap deadline is midnight of the 21st, that is tomorrow here in melbourne (i'm not going to worry about the time zone thing, if it's still the 21st wherever you are, you can still sign up). i have ten groups set up already, that's fifty folk getting set to print up some original designed fabric! today's inspiration is the king of hand printing, screen printing. there are many different ways to get your designs on the screen (stencil, drawing fluid, screen filler, photo emulsion) but all produce brilliant results in just one simple colour.

{screen printed tea towel by bookhou}

{screen printed by willowship}

{screen printed by pipwilly}

{screen printed by umbrella prints}

{screen printed by kalla}

 {screen printed by cloth}


  1. what great inspirations.... i have so many ideas!

  2. how exciting you have so many signed up! Can't wait! And with inspiration like this that you have posted, it's going to be FAB!

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