Sunday 25 September 2011

alrighty then.

whew, so much to catch up on, as per usual. short, sharp posts just aren't going to cut it. first of all, maribyrnong maker's market last weekend was super great. the perfect local, low key but steady with lovely folk and just the right way to ease me back into the market scene after two years away. i'll be there again in november and will be sure to do a proper "come visit me at the market" post with all the details beforehand (like i meant to last week but time got away from me).

table setup

oobs on display

market neighbour

face painting


my table came together despite quilts being VERY hard to display properly; i was lucky enough to have my extra good buddy, heidi, directly across from me which made the day speed by (as did chatting with some other favourite makers i hadn't seen for ages); mae had her first face painting experience and was very pleased with her "pretty cheek flowers" and i limited myself to only one purchase (which was especially tough with milkwood's gorgeous resin wares two meters away), a notebook by green collective. it's made from a vintage book, i love how they have included the old spine as a bookmark.

i have a nice selection of goodies left to put into my shop on saturday, october 1st (8pm, melbourne time if all goes according to plan), including a couple of new cot quilts that i whipped together the week before the market.



this past week has been all about housey stuff and kid stuff, mostly setting up the playroom with the new ikea bookshelf and wall stickers scored from resource rescue.



the reorganised space inspired mae to do a spot of baking : )

making cupcakes


  1. So pleased the fair went well.
    The playroom looks so bright and cheery - I love rearranging things - and I'm sure the kids p[lay bettre when things have been moved around a bit (reminds me taht I haven't done it for aaages). Is Mae using yarn for her muffins? What great taste she has already! Juliex

  2. i have to admit that the yarn ball cupcakes were my idea! knew my abandoned knitting skills would come in handy again... ; )

  3. What a cute space for the kids. I'm pleased the market went well too!

  4. The market looked great! But I do love Mae's kitchen, very cool. Very organised playroom.. i like the idea of the cardboard etc in the clear tubs... But I am after a round little kids table like yours - is that a recent purchase?

  5. hey jacinta, it's actually a little bistro table that my husband brought home when they were going to throw it out on his building site. he did some magical cutting and welding of the pedestal down to the right height and voila! kids table that all their buddies can fit around!

  6. Such a gorgeous playroom you have there! That kitchen is awesome. Is it from IKEA or somewhere else? I'm looking around for a kitchen for Everly's first birthday (which is 8 months away hehe!)

  7. i actually got the kitchen at big w at the july 2010 toy sale for mae's second birthday. it's made by kid craft and they usually have quite a few similar models, a google search should let you know who has them in stock these days. good luck!


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